Monday, March 8, 2010


Well, I was immediately reminded that I should post some visual media about these projects.
Here goes.
Firstly, here is the initial photo I took of the Cupcake, after I laser cut the plywood body. Note the acrylic side; I initially wanted a machine that was entirely clear, but I forgot to compensate in the designs for a 1mm greater thinkness, and thus all the tabs failed. This was taken in October, only weeks into the project.

Next up is the laser-cut X and Y stages, they're looking nice and clean, and are the correct thicknesses. This was completed less than three weeks later, possibly faster even. I plan to illuminate the build platform sometime in the future, I'm sure it will look terrific.

After that I lazed off and took no more pictures until just recently, when I worked out the improvised X-Y sliders. The final picture is the most close to current version, you can see the rods and tube in place, as well as the mostly-done electronics clingning to the side half heartedly. None of them are testably complete, though I have burned the bootloader for the extruder controller (ironic, as I do not even have one yet!).

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