Friday, March 26, 2010

Productive Day

Whoo hoo!
Some days are just so much better work working in.

Today I finished the X and Y pulleys (by fusing the layers) and made modifications to the Cupcake's X platform so that it would take an M8 bolt rather than M6 or whatever it was.
I also removed the slightly bent Z threaded rod and replaced it with a much nicer piece, and used the not so great one as material for making idler axles from.
Then I re-assembled the stages, and they look usable! I just need to get the electronics working now, and I can begin to test out the machine's movement.

As for extruders, well, that's for later.
I have one extruder that we think will work, borrowed from the club.

No pictures today, as the camera was borrowed for something else.

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